TOT-Tenses On Timeline


TOT - Simple, Quick , Easy & Unique!

English can be taught quickly with a kit that makes everything simple:

 TOT- Illustrates the tenses via color-                coded  shapes.

 TOT – Makes teacher’s life easier.

 TOT- Simplifies the Complex, Abstract                    Definitions.

 TOT – Students Make Progress while                         Performing Tactile Activities.

 TOT- It’s All About Being & Doing.

 TOT-Light, Laminated, Portable & Tangible             Kit.

TOT- No Need for Technological Equipment

     TOT-It’s a visual aid for both the                             teacher  & the student.

    TOT-It’s not only WHAT: rules,                                definitions, charts& tables

             but also WHEN :when to use each                  tense ;time expressions

             and also HOW : layout ,procedure                  &process ; how to  illustrate & turn              abstract concepts into clear &                        simple ones.

About the Kit

TOT - Tenses On Timeline is a color- coded kit that visually illustrates the 12 complicated   grammatical English tenses  through color- coded shapes.

TOT is a new, simple, clear and unique method that has been designed to simplify, shorten and clarify the process of learning the tenses. It is a visual aid for both the teacher and the student.

TOT presents an overall picture of the tenses. It shows the similarities and the differences between them and goes from the general overview of the subject into particulars.

TOT clearly illustrates the appropriate point in time of each tense on the graphically presented timeline. It shows an event or action in relation to time and emphasizes the verb form in the different tenses.

TOT  - includes:

A booklet
   • A teacher’s guide
    • Color- coded cards
• A timeline board
               • TOT 2 -The Passive Voice

TOT – Objectives:

The main purpose of this visual kit is to help the student learn and memorize the grammatical tenses faster and better by using this new, simple, clear and unique method.

Teaching ESP- ENGLISH FOR SPECIFIC PURPOSES has always been my major interest and that is what I have taught.

 I believe in student -tailored teaching: teaching students according to their level, ability, interests and needs.

The courses I have developed are also ESP. They are Student- Centered; all of them are written in Simplified Basic English and are designed to suit the students’ level, needs and interests.

Developing a solid foundation is the key to success.

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